Forever Better Kissers

by Brewster

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The debut album from Brewster.


released March 22, 2019

All songs written by Mark Bucci
All guitars, bass, synthesizer, electronic drums, and vocals performed by Mark Bucci
Drums performed by Thomas Devinko
Piano performed by Charles Bucci, except for atmospheric piano on Track 5 performed by Mark Bucci
Pedal Steel on Track 7 performed by Tim Kelly
Lap Steel on Track 2 performed by Michael Risberg
Engineered and Mixed by Mark Bucci at Fort Blanket Studios in West Orange and Jersey City, NJ
Assistant Engineering from Thomas Devinko
Mastered by Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios in Bayonne, NJ
Album cover photo provided by the Western Springs, IL Historical Society

Released by Good Relation Records


all rights reserved



Brewster New Jersey

Brewster is the recording project of Mark Bucci, a New Jersey songwriter with a gift for zooming into familiar scenes until you can see your own reflection in them. The sound is equal parts golden FM twang and jagged, emotional intensity.

Forever Better Kissers is a lo-fi patchwork of homespun, country-influenced anthems with his earnest, quavering vocals at the forefront.
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Track Name: Last Night In Neverland
All of us, we are insufferable
Starry-eyed and irresponsible
We reluctantly meandered through wasting all our time
Our last night in Neverland we spent rolling our eyes

When I woke up older and overspent, I hit the snooze again
Hugging the scent of adolescence
I think I’d rather grow old and be unremarkable

When I saw you at the Clark Wine ’N’ Beer you’ve worked at since junior year
We exchanged pleasantries, you showed me your niece
I asked what you’re hammering down,
and you said “Just this for now.”
When I left, I ached for solace that would come from giving up
I think I’d like to be unremarkable
Track Name: Bird In An Airport
I have this dream where I’m still just seventeen and acting up
Cheaper smokes and growing hair graze and flicker from classroom chairs
And in between I’m killing time hugging girlfriends from behind
I whisper like two tin cans and a wire,
Changing routes to walk right by her
And take the long way home

I can’t just crown and wane like a bird in an airport
When the planes all fly away, what’s there left to try for?
They took the long flight home

Now I’m older and regretting the suit I wore to my friend’s wedding
You said I looked great before I left,
But I wish you were here when I was getting dressed
It’ll be a long trip home to see you, babe

And I can just fly around like a bird in an airport
The plane’s won’t fly away, it’s only a layover
I’m on the long flight home
Track Name: Kiss Me While I'm Down
“Forgive me, my lord, for the things that I do when I’m bored”
Something I read once on a shirt at a dollar store
It’s solid advice

I knew you were around
Your friends told me you were in town
I can’t help myself,
I’ll let you twist me around sharing pronouns
And kiss me while I’m down
But when Lydia moves, I’ll be by your side

“Forgive me, my lord, for the comfort I seek when I’m bored”
Something I said once on the way to my bedroom door
It’s kind of nice

It’s alright, it’s ok
She kind of looks like you anyway
I should be satisfied,
And I look like I am when the light’s right

It’s alright, it’s ok
I’d leave her for you anyway
Because when Lydia moves, there’s nobody else
When Lydia moves, I can’t help myself

When Lydia moves
Track Name: Being Clever
So I ended up a cheater
An aspiring heart-bleeder
A classic oversleeper
Every word I ever said came out me like a catchphrase
A chiseled jar of mayonnaise

But these new pills should help the jitters
Take one every morning and take one with your dinner
Fall asleep sex-chaffed and withered
Everybody came and nothing ever hurt her

When we were all tangled up, your hands in mine
You cut open your finger
I was a reckless kid just counting dimes
And a lousy pair of scissors
But at least we walked away forever better kissers

So when you’ve run out of endeavors,
When you’re finished being clever,
You traveled or whatever
I hope you still talk over movies,
Sleep through every story,
And cry at season finales

Because the time we spend’s not reimbursed when it drips out through your fingers
And floods your head to quench your thirst
Like the Mississippi River
But at least we walk away forever better kissers
Track Name: Balcony View
When all the condos have been leveled
And the rent-controlling devils are hid in bunkers in the forest
Our balcony view will be glorious

There over the burnt-out tractor trailers is Pleasant Valley Junior High School
Urbandale, Iowa 2032
In the breezeway where I saw you
Some rusted bike rakes near the flagpole
Still standing tall over its shadow and what remains there in the courtyard
Where we buried our report cards

And all the ash that coats the patio
And the static on the radio
We can brush our hair and close the blinds
And still salute the distant flagpole
Track Name: T-Shirt From A Tour
I’m trying to keep your sheets dry
And I finished off your wine while you were off refilling mine
You, in a t-shirt from a tour
A band you don’t like anymore
You leaned your back into the frame of the door

I caught your eyes trying to flirt
As I changed out of my work shirt
You were sitting on the floor when it started to work
You sat up to change the song
“This one’s a little too long”
And then you kissed me before I could say you were wrong

And then I shed my skin for you
And I promised not to stop
And I’ll wake you up for work if you promise to stay up

I know I made you roll your eyes
“These guys are way ahead of their time”
Through your drink you leaked a small and sympathetic sigh
Your roommate asked to keep it down
Thought he was going out of town?
So if you’re finished with your wine, would you mind refilling mine?

And I’ll shed my skin for you
And I promise not to stop
And I’ll wake you up for work if you promise to stay up
Track Name: Me Leaning Onto The Window
With a fresh combover and fistful of gas station meat
You went barreling down the highway
And your thumb danced across your screen:
“I’m just a few exits away”

Trailing headlights and your hairdo in the rearview
You could almost see her with you in the backseat with her hair down
And me leaning onto the window

I could forgive you, it doesn’t matter looking back
But I saw the way that you looked at her and you can’t take that back

With a fresh step in you,
And an untrained nerve across your teeth
You pulled up outside of her place
And your palms sweat the wheel with resolution
But there’s no steps left to retrace

Under a streetlight in the lot of her apartment,
You could almost hear us argue in the bedroom when you get home
But then she walked out of her front door

I could forgive you, it doesn’t matter looking back
But I saw the way that you looked at her and you can’t take that back

Under a streetlight in the lot her apartment,
A dark moon blessed your body in the back seat with her hair down
And me leaning onto the window
Track Name: Low Stakes
Despite your first impression, I had her home be eleven
And I could see in her walk that I’d be grieving and brooding,
Hanging my feet off the dock

And if I’m short a dollar,
A long bath in cold water could keep me that way
So I took off my jacket and shoes and I leapt in the bay

Did you write it upside down? Poor you
Hold her head down till she drowns

I was looking around
Lowering stakes for too long
And I think that I missed my chance to see it while I’m young

I got some peace of mind by cutting a few brake lines
And idling in the driveway
Because the end of the cul-de-sac was too steep a decline
So despite my best intentions,
It’s still 2011
And if you want to stay up we can talk a bit longer before my parents get up

Did you move out of your town? Poor you
Hold your head down till you drown

I’ve been looking around
Lowering stakes for too long
Maybe I’m not supposed to see it at all while I’m young

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